Family Life Programs

The Intricacies of Intimate Betrayal

The feeling of betrayal can burn its victim to the very core of their being. Intimate betrayal on the other hand, can trigger primitive responses such as fear of physical harm, thoughts of suicide or homicide, & subtle undertones of anger that permeate & seep into other areas of life. This 8-week course will explore the emotional, social, & biological impact of intimate betrayal & strategies to overcome & move forward.

Picket Fences, Brick Walls, Moats, & Mountains

In a society of high access to information, we have countless opportunities to give & gain access to otherwise restricted areas of our personal & professional lives. In this 4-week course, we will explore the different types of boundaries, when to use them, how to rebuild & maintain them after they have been blurred. 

Follow the Leader?

Imagine going to work each day only to find out the responsibilities of your current position have been changed yet again. Imagine the frustration of having to readjust again & again & again to the point of absolute confusion. This is what can happen to children stuck in the middle of parents who constantly struggle to find common parenting ground. Research suggests that co-parenting struggles can exist within every relationship involving children. It doesn't matter if you're married, divorced, in a. relationship, or single. In this 4-week course, we will discuss common barriers to co-parenting as well as strategies to help overcome and mitigate such issues. 
Professional Development Opportunities

Understanding ACEs: How the Past can Impact the Future (Free Training)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have a tremendously profound effect on the health of our children (i.e., brain development, problem-solving, mental health, & physical health). ACEs are the largest unaddressed Public health issue in the world today. Research suggests that children who encounter 4 or more ACEs are more likely to suffer from substance abuse as an adult, have marriages that end in divorce, have issues with domestic violence, an increased risk of incarceration, & the list goes on. Join us for a discussion about the effects of ACEs & what we can do to support children in our homes & communities.

Exploring Secondary Trauma

As professionals we have the desire and are privileged to walk with individuals and families through very challenging times. As a result of multiple journeys down the road of support, we are unintentionally exposed to non-tangible occupational hazards that weigh heavily on the mind, emotions and overtime begin to manifest physically if continuously dismissed. In this training, we will explore the multiple hidden costs of caring as well as the warning signs of Compassion fatigue (CF) and Vicarious trauma (VT) for those in helping roles. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of Secondary trauma as well as user friendly strategies to mitigate and manage its effects.

Resilience Thread

Many times, in the helping profession we become so absorbed in supporting clients we forget about the importance of applying that same effort into maintaining resilience within our team. In this training, we will explore practical strategies that promote and sustain a culture of resilience that reduces burnout and increases productivity.  

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